What is Hybrid Complete?

Hybrid Complete is an orthodontic treatment that combines the use of traditional braces and invisible aligners to achieve faster and more effective treatment results. Hybrid Complete includes a set of invisible retainers to preserve the patient’s smile.

Step 1: 3D Indirect Bonding

3D Indirect Bonding is the process of digitally placing brackets on a patient’s teeth and then creating a custom tray to transfer the brackets to the teeth.

  • Increased bracket placement accuracy
  • Doctor controlled
  • Time efficient
  • Less labor intensive

Step 2: Clear Image® Aligners

Switch to Clear Image Aligners for an aesthetic end to treatment.

  • Remove brackets sooner
  • Aesthetics are maximized and oral hygiene is easier
  • Finishing with fixed appliances can be difficult
  • Up to 30 aligners included in Hybrid Complete

Step 3: Invisible Retainers

With Hybrid Complete, you will receive a set of invisible retainers with your aligner shipment. Provide the invisible retainers to your patient at the end of treatment to preserve their smile.

  • Made with long-lasting, durable Zendura material
  • Hassle-free retention. No additional scans required
  • Invisible retainers are included in up-front Hybrid Complete price

Advantages of Hybrid Orthodontic Treatment

  • Aesthetics, particularly with ceramic brackets
  • Ease of oral hygiene
  • Reduced susceptibility to decalcification
  • Increased practice efficiency with shorter treatment times
  • Less patient fatigue

Ready to get started?

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